Facilitating Activities

Are there techniques for creating an encouraging atmosphere?

  • Try to establish set a fun and positive tone from the very start: smile, provide a warm welcome to the children, encourage children’s participation in the activities
  • If it’s a smaller group, ask the children their names. Consider ways to remember names
  • Incorporate a relationship-building activity towards the start of the session to encourage positive interactions (Example: 'Let's find somebody who ...' activity)
  • Encourage the students with positive feedback whenever possible
    • Personal
    • Regular
    • Appropriate
    • Informed
    • Spontaneous
    • Effective


Why is it important to set out the participation rules before any activity session?

  • Rules, when given in a clear and respectful way, give children clear boundaries and opportunities to use self-regulation.
  • They promote more considerate and respectful behaviour within a group.
  • When rules are set, they help children feel safer and more respected both emotionally and physically.


How should you deal with ineffective behaviour during an activity?

1.Observe before taking action
2.Gain the child’s attention
3.Give a clear instruction expecting compliance (use choice; partial agreement; when/then..)
4.Allow take up time
5.Look for the appropriate behaviour. Repeat the instruction if necessary
6.Acknowledge the appropriate behaviour


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