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A Greyhound of a Girl    Roddy Doyle
Bruised    Siobhán Parkinson
Dead Hairy    Debbie Thomas
Harry Potter series  
  J.K. Rowling
Alice and Megan series    Judi Curtin
Eva's Journey    Judi Curtin
The Story of Tracy Beaker    Jacqueline Wilson
Double Act    Jacqueline Wilson
Horrible Histories series    Terry Deary
The Mystery of Wickworth Manor    Elen Caldecott
Grace    Morris Gleitzman
Frozen in Time    Ali Sparkes
Dead Man's Cove     Lauren St. John
Shadow Forest     Matt Haig
Sky Hawk    Gill Lewis
Billionaire Boy     David Walliams
Gangsta Granny     David Walliams
The World of Norm series 
   Jonathan Meres
Alex Rider Series  
  Anthony Horowitz

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