General History Resources  -Links to a number of useful and authoritative historical websites covering many aspects of human history from the prehistoric era to modern history.  -This website offers an online version of the 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica with over 40,000 articles. - An extensive list of links to history websites covering a wide range of historical themes and events complied by historians. -A digital archive of the iconic Time Magazine dating from1923 to the present day. -The history channel offers online videos on historical topics, events in history that have occurred on particular days of the year and history articles. - The BBC provides a large selection of articles on historical events and historical figures covering different historical eras. It also includes a comprehensive history section for kids.,_Memorials,_Personal_Reminiscences  -A website that catalogues a collection of personal experiences from WWI including stories, photos and diaries. -Articles and timelines documenting the events surrounding the First World War with links to a First World War digital archive which includes videos and audio clips. -Links to a number of historical websites and teaching and learning resources. -The BBC offers a website dedicated to prehistoric life and evolution. It includes a number of links to related websites. -This website is dedicated to all aspects of ancient Egypt. It includes a number of videos, photos and information on ancient Egyptian life. - This website provides information on ancient Greece including wars, culture and society and a number of essays on various aspects of ancient Greece. - This website provides access to digital resources related to medieval studies. It features information on many aspects of medieval life.  -This is an online digital resource providing access to the Irish Times newspaper from 1859 to present day. Note that free access to this website is only available in all public libraries and schools throughout Ireland.


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