Clann na Gael

Clann na Gael was an Irish-American revolutionary organisation, formed after the defeat of the Fenian rising of 1867. Its aim was to achieve Irish independence. Founded by Jerome J. Collins, a journalist, Clann na Gael's most important leaders were William Carroll and John Devoy.

By the late 1870s, the organisation had 10,000 members. At that time, it became formally linked to the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Though Clann na Gael supported the use of military means to achieve Irish independence, Devoy eventually advocated a 'New Departure' in Irish nationalist politics, whereby revolutionary nationalists supported and co-operated with constitutional nationalists who were working to achieve their aims through Parliament.

Clann na Gael was revived in 1900 with a firm commitment to military struggle, playing an important suppporting role for Republican militants in Ireland. The organisation still exists today, but it has changed significantly since its foundation and seen many internal splits.