Patrick MacGill Summer School

In 1980 the Patrick MacGill Summer School was established by a local committee; an executive of R.T.E Mr Joe Mullholland was appointed Director, Dr. Joesph Malachy McCloskey Chairman and Ms. Mary Claire O'Donnell, a niece of Patrick MacGill, the secretary. The Summer School began as the Patrick MacGill festival in 1981. In 1984 this festival became known as the Patrick MacGill Summer School and annually hosts a variety of lectures, exhibitions and events. Themes of a social nature are discussed by prominent figures from national public life.
One particularly memorable Summer School was in 1991, with tribute being paid to Brian Friel, a well-known Irish playwright. Opened by the Northern Irish M.P John Hume, the cast of the Abbey Theatre's production of Friel's Dancing at Lughnasa performed as part of the Summer School in Glenties.

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