Mary Melvin Geoghegan

Originally from Dublin, Mary now lives in Longford with her two sons. She is a member of Longford Writers Group and has had her poetry published in Poetry Ireland, Books Ireland, Acorn and various other publications.

She has also her first collection of poetry, The Bright Unknown published by Lapwing Publications in 2003. It has been praised by Richard Montgomery, amongst others for:

Fitting well in the Irish tradition of finding beauty in the quotidian ordinariness of life. In these poems heart ache and joy combine to make the metaphor and paradox that is life itself.

The subject matter of this collection is rich and varied, ranging from experiences of holidays in St. Petersburg, to families and relationships, marriage breakdown and death.

Mary has also made a deep contribution to fostering a love of poetry and an ability to write poetry among children and young adults. In facilitating creative writing courses in schools under the name 'Free the Butterfly', she has helped children's imagination to run in the direction of poetry. In addition to appreciating and writing poetry, children are encouraged to perform their work in various workshops. Pupils under her tutelage have come first and second in the Strokestown Poetry Competition as well as being placed highly in the tenth Cavan Crystal Windows Poetry Competition.

Mary has also edited a collection of Longford children's poetry entitled Ride Along Dear Grandma which has given 8-12 year olds a chance to see their first creative attempts in print and hopefully will encourage them to continue their efforts and add to Longford's already rich literary heritage.


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