Wicklow Gaol

The 18th century Wicklow Gaol was used to imprison both common criminals and Irish revolutionaries until its closure in the late 19th century. It was the scene of executions and many of its prisoners were detained there until they were transported to the New World or Australia. In 1798 many captured rebel leaders were held in Wicklow Gaol including Michael Dwyer, Napper Tandy and many others.

By 1900 it had been closed but was used again first by the British from 1918 to detain captured IRA and Sinn Féin members and later by the Irish Free State to imprison captured republican die-hards before it finally close in 1924.

Today it hosts historical tours, a geneaology service, a craft shop and restaurant. The gaol is reputedly haunted and ghosthunters can take part in popular nighttime vigils once a month.




Kilmantin Hill,
Wicklow Town,
Co. Wicklow

Telephone: 0404 61599 / 66433

email: wicklowgaol@gmail.com

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