Healy: All Roads Lead to Tallaght

Pdf Healy, Patrick. All roads lead to Tallaght. Dublin: South Dublin Libraries, 2004.
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Patrick (Paddy) Healy who died on 11th December 2000 was a well noted field archaeologist whose name was and is well known to everyone interested in the history and antiquities of Dublin and its hinterland. South Dublin County Council through the Local Studies Section of the County Library is extremely grateful to have been granted access in 2003, by Patrick’s brother Peter to many of his unpublished manuscript local histories of the greater Dublin area. They contain the insightful comments of a meticulous archaeologist who had meticulously researched the areas, walked the routes and observed the sites about which he wrote.

Published in 2004, All Roads lead to Tallaght was the first book published by South Dublin Libraries, taken from the manuscripts of Patrick Healy. It is written in an informal style, illustrated with many of Paddy’s photographs, taking the reader on a journey along the roads around Tallaght and its neighbourhood.

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