Egan: The illustrated guide to the city and county of Kilkenny

Pdf Egan, P.M. The illustrated guide to the city and county of Kilkenny. Kilkenny: P.M. Egan.
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The Illustrated Guide To The City And County Of Kilkenny was written by Patrick McEgan Egan who became Mayor of Kilkenny in 1887. The guide includes illustrations and descriptions of important buildings, antiquities and ancient sites in Kilkenny city and county.

P.M. Egan's family had a long history in the city of Kilkenny . The Egans had assisted the Catholic Confederacy who based themselves in Kilkenny and ruled two-thirds of Ireland independently from 1641 to 1649 when Cromwell invaded Ireland . He was also descended from Daniel Egan who it is said owned property on John St. Kilkenny in 1790. As well as his passionate interest in all things antiquarian, P.M. Egan's Educational Works printed primary education texts which had a wide circulation in England and Scotland . He also wrote a well received novel entitled Scullydom. In recognition for his literary achievements, the people of Kilkenny elected him mayor in 1887.

Kilkenny takes its name from the monastic community established on the banks of the Nore in 589 by St. Canice. The settlement was also the seat of the Kingdom of Ossory and the diocese of Ossary. Ossary's western and eastern borders were the River Suir and River Barrow respectively. The River Nore bisected the county. After the Norman invasion it became the seat of the Butlers of Ormonde with their stronghold in Kilkenny Castle until the 20th century.

Egan describes the winding streets and alleys of the medieval city and prehistoric monuments, the remains of Gaelic ring forts, Norman castles, the ruins of Catholic monasteries and abbeys and descriptions of the various churches of the county. Detailed information about local antiquities, places of interest and the histories of baronies and parishes are also included.

Other historical information is a list of the names of voters, a description of Kilkenny rail transport, information about contemporary sporting organisations, the woollen industry, advertisements for local businesses and much more.

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