Sparks & Bligh: Kilkenny

Pdf Sparks, May and Bligh, Eric. Kilkenny: Pen and picture pages of its story. Kilkenny: Kilkenny People, 1926.
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Kilkenny: Pen and picture pages of its story by May Spark and Eric Bligh was published in 1926. It includes a a history of Kilkenny and descriptions of notable buildings, ruins, historical sites and other places of interest in the city and county accompanied by a map and illustrations.

The most important buildings in Kilkenny city for centuries were St. Canice's Cathedral built on the site of the original monastic settlement that gave the city its name and Kilkenny Castle the stronghold of the Butler dynasty (originally called FitzWalter) until the 20th century. St. Canice's was built in the 13th century and is a fine surviving example of Norman gothic architecture. The round tower of the 9th Christian monastery still stands next to the cathedral.

The current Kilkenny Castle is constructed on the site of the first stone fortification constructed in 1204 by William Marshall. The city was the capital of the Kingdom of Ossory before Strongbow or Richard De Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, built a wooden fort on the site soon after his invasion of 1169. Stone walls with battlements, watch towers and fortified gates once guarded the medieval city and only a few sections remain intact. The basic layout of the city streets did survive however.

The book also describes various abbeys, ancient churches, colleges, holy wells, streets and bridges in Kilkenny city and county. There are accounts ofpolitical intrigue, religious worship, trade, industry, warfare, sieges, witch trials, hunting, sport, music, culture and famous individuals and events.

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