Hennessy: The Book of Fenagh

Pdf Hennessy, W.M. The Book of Fenagh. Dublin: Alexander Thom, 1875.
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The Book of Fenagh is said to have been begun by the 5th century St. Caillin and at various times it was added to by various authors probably Christian monks in Fenagh Abbey. The original book called the Old Book of Caillin based on St. Caillin's writings and the other unnamed authors' work was first transcribed during the 14th century.
However in 1516 it was discovered the vellum was starting to rot. At the time all books had to be copied by hand by skilled scribes as the printing press was only in its infancy. Tadhg O'Rodaigh Coarb gave Muighis Mac Paidin Ui Mhaolchonarie, a member of a family of scholars from Elphin, the task of producing the Book of Fenagh. The book praises the saint, the church and his relic, the Bell of Fenagh and also records the monastery's rents and payments among other subjects. The rest of the books features legends interwoven with history, place names and genealogical material.
The Book of Fenagh was in the possession of the O'Roddy's until the early 19th century. The last descendent of the family was the Parish Priest of Kilronan, Brian O'Roddy and upon his passing, the book came into the possession of Bishop of Ardagh, Dr. Conroy. In 1888 the Royal Academy of Ireland brought the book for ten guineas from the Jesuit Fr. Denis Murphy. A modern edition of the book was published in 1875 and a second time in 1939.

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