Common Name: Deodar, Himalaya Cedar

Description: The Deodar can reach up to 50M when mature. Young trees are conical in shape with pronounced drooping leaders; they assume a more classic spreading cedar shape with maturity. The needles are blue-green and up to 5cm long. The cones are 7-10cm long, 5-6cm wide, blue when young, reddish-brown with maturity. The seeds are up to 17mm long with a large wing.

Origin: The Deodar is found in Pakistan and India in the southern Hindu Kush and the western Himalayas. It likes deep well-drained soils and humidity. It is thus well suited to Irish conditions and is a popular ornamental. It was introduced here in 1831.

The specimen in Woodstock is 28.8m in height. It was measured in 1999.

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