Sawara Cypress

Common Name: Sawara Cypresss, Sawara False Cypress

Large evergreen tree with generally a straight trunk and an open pyramidal crown. The bark is red or brown and shreds in older tress. The mature foliage is scale-like and flattened often with a light green or yellow tinge. The cones are pea sized, 6mm across and resemble small golden dry peas when ripe. Beneath each scale on the cone are one to two broad winged seeds.

The tree is found in humid temperate areas in Japan. It has a preference for moist but well drained soils. The tree has religious significance in Japan being classified as one of the 'Five Sacred Trees of Kiso'. In Japan this is an important timber tree. In Ireland several decorative varieties with juvenile foliage are widely planted including 'Squarrosa' and 'Plumosa'. Introduced in 1861 by Robert Fortune.

The largest specimen in Woodstock is 22.8m in height. Juvenile foliage forms are smaller at 14.4m and 13.8m.


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