Scots Pine

Common Name: Scots Pine

Description: This pine can grow up to 40m in height. The crown is widely variable in shape and form. It is usually conic when young broadening out with age. The orange red bark is distinctive on adult trees. The needles are grouped in bunches of two becoming grayish with age. The cones are up to 7.5cm long and are matt gray when mature. The seeds are black with a 12-20mm wing.

Origin: This species occurs naturally from Scotland to the Pacific coast of Russia. This species was once native to Ireland but became extinct during historical times. Populations in Western Scotland are believed to be closest to the extinct Irish one with adaptations to an oceanic climate. Highland pines show similarities to Scandinavian pines. Scots Pine however has been reintroduced in Ireland and is now widespread.


The specimen in Woodstock is 28.1m in height.

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