Monterey Pine

Common Name: Monterey Pine, Radiata Pine

Description: The Monterey Pine can grow up to 30m in height. The crown is conic when young becoming broad with age. The bark varies from gray to reddish brown. The needles are held in whorls of three. The large cones up to 15cm long, take two years to mature. The seeds are dark brown with a wing.

Origin: The pine has a very limited distribution at three separate locations near Monterey. A distinct variety is found on Islas Guadaloupe and Cedros off the coast of Baja California. It like the Monterey Cypress is seen as a relic species.

Again like the Cypress it attains much greater height and vigor outside its natural range. In New Zealand it is an important timber tree, attaining heights in excess of 60m. In Ireland, it is manly found in Coastal areas being intolerant of continental climates. It was widely used in Victorian times as a shelter tree especially in exposed coastal areas as it tolerates sea winds well. Introduced in 1833 by David Douglas.

The specimen pictured at Woodstock is 32.4m high.


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