Portugal Cedar

Common Name: Portugal Cedar, Cedar of Goa, Mexican Cypress

The Mexican Cypress can reach 30M in height, the foliage is bluish-green in colour. The cones are brown when ripe, 12mm across, each contains 75 seeds. The tree is pyramidal when young, branches are more pendulous in mature specimens.

Origin: The Mexican cypress occurs in Central America in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica at altitudes between 1200 and 3000m. This Cypress has been in cultivation in the British Isles since 1682, but only succeeds in the milder west. It is surprisingly hardy considering its origins. The 'Lusitanica' part of its name is due to the fact that it was introduced here from Portugal. It was also thought to come from India thus 'Cedar of Goa' It is used as a timber tree in upland areas of Africa, but is rare in cultivation in Ireland.

The specimen is Woodstock is var. benthamii, this only occurs in Mexico. It is 29M high.

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