Ardra Castle

Until recently, a castle tower stood in the townland of Ardra. Although the building had a Norman look it was actually a garden folly or, as it was known locally, a gazebo.

It is unclear who built the tower, but as it was situated in the Wandesforde Demesne about a mile from the main gate it is reasonable to assume that the Wandesforde family constructed it. The setting overlooking the Dinan River enhanced the 'romantic' feel of the building.

The 'castle' consisted of one square tower, with turrets built of brick and rubble. It stood three storeys high, and the granite windows were arched. The windows may originally have come from an old church, although this is speculation.

The interior of the tower originally had a stairs to the top. However, they fell into disrepair and were removed by Captain R.H. Wandesforde. The tower was originally surrounded by a small ditch and was reached by crossing a bridge.
The two fishing lakes and the demesne's polo grounds would have been visible from the tower, making it was a popular site for photographs.

Unfortunately the tower no longer exists.

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