Gallagher's Moteens

Gallagher's Moteens are a series of 4 tumuli lying in the town land of Windtown. They are burial sites which Adam's sees as "suggestive of the variation and deterioration from the passage graves of Lough Crew." The Lough Crew graves date back to 4000BC and are the largest complex of passage graves in Ireland. Lough Crew, although 10 miles away, does lie in the same Barony as Gallagher's Moteens.

The largest of the moteens is described as being about 12 feet tall and 51 paces circumference. The next one is 10 feet high with a circumference of 40 paces. The final pair are dubbed the Twins by Adams. They are described as being separated only by a saddle and as such , he gives their height as 9 ft rising to 14 ft and the overall circumference as 57 paces.

The moteens are cist graves. They are typical of the indivual bronze age graves which succeeded the communal grave strucure seen at Lough Crew.

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