In the 1850s Mr Charles Levinge of Mullingar presented to the Royal Irish Academy a boat which he had found in Lough Owel. It measured forty-two feet long and three feet five in breadth and is thought to have belonged to the close of the Bronze age or the early dawn of the Iron age.

Two skillets, one made of brass and the other of metal were found in Loughowel while fishing with nets. The brass one held approximately six quarts of water and the metal one three quarts. Lady Granard of Castleforbes got them and held them as pieces of curiosity.

The ruins of the the old church of Portneshangan lies on the east side of Lough Owel. It was commonly called Port na Siongan (Seángán ) "the bank of the Pismires" which is the original name of the spot or bank where the church was erected.

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