Church on Inchboffin Island
© Ann Hennessey

Inchbofin is in the barony of Kilkenny West, the parish of Noughaval and the Poor Law Union of Athlone. The island consists of 65 acres, 3 roods and 11 perches.

St. Rioch, a contemporary of St. Ciaran's, founded a monastery on Inchbofin in 530. It features regularly in the Annals the latest reference being made in the year 1089.

The remains of two churches survive on the island. The more elaborate of the two churches is at the north-eastern point of the island and it has an irregular enclosure. It consists of a nave and transept as well as a sacristy. The nave is earlier in date than the transept. To the north of the altar is a fine romanesque window, and above a window is a bishop's head carved in stone. The smaller ruin to the south dates from the 12th or 13th centuries. Both ruins belong to the monastery of the Canons of St. Augustine which flourished on the island until the general dissolution of the monasteries in the time of Henry VIII.

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