Bullock Harbour

The harbour in Bullock has a tumultuous history. Indeed it has also been a long history, the harbour can be traced back as far as 1346 when the castle was built there. The monks of St.Mary's Abbey extracted a toll (a quantity of their fish catch) from all persons using the harbour. The area was self-contained with a fortified wall to keep out intruders.

In 1641 Royalist Troops launched an attack in the harbour during which 56 people were drowned. During the nineteenth century the harbour was used to transport coal to and from the nearby coal yard (Downeys). Captain William Hutchinson was appointed Harbour Master of Dunleary and Bullock at the age of 25. He was based in Bullock, paid £100 a year and provided with a house there. His job entailed keeping the sailors (pilots) on the 'straight and narrow' and supervising the ballasting of vessels.

The harbour is very picturesque and peaceful these days, a far cry from its incident-ridden past.

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