Graveyards form an important part of the landscape of this country, offering valuable clues to our historic past. They have been described by the Office of Public Works as ' an integral part of local heritage and frequently contain the sites or standing remains of early churches and archaeological monuments and are generally home to a diversity of plant and animal life'. Graveyards are recognised as national monuments (1930 National Monuments Act).

History is about people and nowhere is this more evident than in our graveyards. There it is possible to trace the history of your village, town, city and country. All people lie side by side, regardless of whether they were famous, infamous or known only by their family and friends.They are treasures and as such, need to be treated accordingly. The landscape that forms a graveyard is subject to weathering, the ravages of time and sadly vandalism. Efforts need to be made to ensure that the effects of these influences are minimised as much as possible. Restoration projects have been undertaken by members of the public in an effort to help preserve our landsca

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