Usher Monument

Not all monuments/memorials are subjected to such trials and tribulations. The Usher Monument in Dundrum cannot be removed from its location due to a legal clause. Friends of Dr. Usher had the monument erected following his death in 1917. A car reversed into Dr.Usher, near the railway station and killed him.

Originally the fountain was full of water and the facility was used by 'humans and animals' alike. The troughs have been filled in but the monument remains today. However the development around Dundrum means that its surroundings have changed considerably. Interestingly this is the only monument in Dundrum.

Memorials serve as a valuable reminder about an event or a person from our past. They have been put there by people for a reason and have altered the physical landscape of a particular area. Each memorial tells its own story and ensures, by its existence, that the story lives on in future generations.

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