1805-1807 Holden's Triennial Directory

Holden's Triennial Directory for 1805, 1806 and 1807

Entries for St Patrick's Street

Name(s) Occupation(s)
Atkins, John Dealer in spirits
Bacon, John Thomas Apothecary
Baldwin, Hungerford Wollen draper
Barrett, Miss Haberdasher
Bennett, John Attorney and notary public
Busteed, Mary Haberdasher
Butterfield, Jonas Malster
Campbell, Robert Hardware merchant
Codd, Mary Tea warehouse
Conyers, Mrs. Eleanor (not stated)
Corrin and Doyle Milliners and haberdashers
Cotter, Edward Grocer and liquor merchant
Cox, Sam Shoemaker
Cusseen, Edmund Merchant
Daly jun. And Croker Printers and stationers
Devereux, Teresa Trunk maker
Every, Robert Bookseller and stationer
Fanning, Caesar Stained paper manufacturer
Foot, Thomas Attorney
Franklin, John Attorney and notary public
Franks, Henry Linen draper
Gardiner, Luke Linen draper
Gibbings, Dr. Robert (not stated)
Goold, George Mr. (not stated)
Harding, Mr. (not stated)
Harnett, Robert esq. Barrister
Harris, John Merchant
Hobbs, William Attorney
Hunt, Thomas Mathematical instrument maker
Jacotin, Dominick Teacher of French and Italian and bookseller
Kearney , James esq (not stated)
Kearney , Mrs.Clare (not stated)
Kenifick, Edmund and Sons Woollen drapers and lacemen
Kiernan, Simon Printseller
Lapp, William esq. Counsellor
Lilly, Susanna and Co. Linen drapery warehouse
Llainche, Mary Milliner and haberdasher
Long, Elizabeth Grocer
Longfield, John M.D.
Lumley, William Merchant
Malet, John-Adam Grocer
Manley, Jeremiah Merchant
Mannix, Thomas Attorney and notary-public
McAuliffe, Florence Fruit-merchant and grocer
McCarthy, Charles Merchant
McCarthy, Dennis Grocer and wine-merchant
Mercer, William Hosiery, toy and fancy warehouse
Merrick, Sam Attorney and notary public
Mylan, Mr. D (not stated)
Newenham, George and Co. Bankers
O’Dell, John Stationer and patent-medicine warehouse
O’Donoghue, Mary Grocer
O’Driscol (sic) Haberdasher
Phillips, Henry Boot and shoemaker
Pick, Sir Visian (not stated)
Roberts, Mr. John (not stated)
Roberts, Sir Thomas Bart., James Bonwell and John Leslie, esqrs. Bankers
Ronayne, Richard Grocer and liquor merchant
Seymour, Nicholas George Iron founder
Shaw, David Hat manufacturer
Sheehan, Michael Nursery and seedsman
Shield, Triphook, and Shield Milliners and haberdashers
Shinkwin, Austin Agent to the Royal Exchange Insurance Office
Shinkwin, Thomas Cabinet, upholstery, and looking-glass ware room
Smith, George Saddler
Solomon, Isaac Jeweller and silversmith
Sweeney, Bartholomew Vintner
Teulon, John Merchant
Thompson, James Merchant
Thornhill, John Ladies shoemaker
Tobin, Richard Musical instrument maker
Travers, John Tallow chandler
Wade, George esq. (not stated)
Walsh, Richard Attorney and notary public
White, John Tallow chandler
White, Mary Milliner and haberdasher
Wilcox, Adderley Attorney
Woulfe, Mary Ann Milliner and haberdasher
Wright, Zebulon Ladies shoemaker

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