1875-76 Francis Guy's Cork Directory

Francis Guy’s County and City of Cork Directory for the years 1875-1876

Entries for St Patrick's Street

Business Name Business Street Number
Alcock , Bernard J. Grocer 75
Allan and Holden Hosiers 45
Allen, Richard Clothier 69
Allport , H. and Sons Gun makers 43
Arnold, Daniel Tailor 106
Atkins (late Beale Bros.) Grocers and wine merchants 14
Atkins, George P. Medical practitioner 7
Atkins, T. and J. Pianoforte warehouse 117
Baker and Co. Refreshment saloon, etc. 39
Baker and Wright Oil and colour merchants 48
Banks, Adam and Co. Grocers 99
Banks, William & Co. Wholesale grocers 10
Barnardo and Son Furriers, etc 59-60
Barry, Garrett Vintner 1
Bosanquet , Mrs. M. Photographer 63
Bragg, William Surgeon dentist 16
Brennan, Miss Milliner and dressmaker 29
Breton and Son Watchmakers 100
Carey, T. & Co. China and glass merchants 88
Carey, William Vintner 8
Carmichael, J. & Co. Limited General drapers 18-21
Carr & Co. Bakers 79
Carroll, Edmund Vintner 1
Chabrel , S. Hatter 58
Chamber of Commerce 35
Clarke, W. and Son Tobacconists 6
Coghlan , Mrs. Silk mercer 116
Cooke Brothers Iron and hardware merchants, etc. 67
Cooke, Henry China and glass merchant 11
Cork Examiner office 95
Cork Stationery Hall – Francis Guy, proprietor Printer, lithographer, account book manufacturer, die sinker, machine ruler etc.; office of the Co. and City of Cork directory 70
Costello, Mrs. Dressmaker 10
Cotter, Miss Jane Not stated 62
Cox and Co. Pianoforte warehouse 112
Cranitch , R. Plumber 122
CrystalPalace (O’Sullivan, Laurence and Co.) General drapers 27,28
Cumming, B. Surgeon dentist 45
Daly, B. & Son Wine and spirit merchants 2
Daly, Richard Boot and shoe warehouse 62
Day, R. and Son Saddlers, etc. 98
Dennehy, William Central painting and decorating establishment 74
Dowden , J. W. and Co. Ltd. Linen drapers 113
Evans, Thomas Photographer 6
Finn, Daniel Chandler 114
Fitzgerald, Michael Hosier, etc. 44
Fitzpatrick and Sons Tailors 33
Forrest and Sons Silk mercers, etc 34
Fowler and Scully Haberdashers 55
Franks, Henry Grocer and wine merchant 76
Gibson, C. Baby linen warehouse 101
Gilbert, John Fine art warehouse 120
Goulding , W. and H. M. Druggists, etc. 108
Grant, Alex. & Co. (T. Lyons and Co. limited) General drapers 52,53,54
Great Western Railway of England booking offices, Isaac Banks, manager 96
Hackett, James Jeweller, etc 42
Hackett, W. A. Fishing-tackle maker 38
Harrington, W. & Son Druggists, etc. 80
Hart, John Confectioner 63
Hartland, Joseph B. Seed merchant 86
Harty , A. Baker 118
Harty , Joseph & Sons Bakers & millers 5
Harvey, Joseph Fancy baker 25
Hastings, Miss School 10
Haughton, John B. Grocer 104
Haycroft , J. and H. Seedsmen 24
Haynes S. and Son Watchmakers 51
Haynes, William Fishing-tackle maker 63
Hoffman, Madame Professor of languages 6
Hynes, James Cigar divan 102
Jackson, Francis Watchmaker, jeweller, etc. 83
Johnson, John Vintner 13
Jones, Charles Stationer, bookseller, etc 65
Jones, Charles Stationer, etc. 116
King, Bernard and Co. Boot and shoe warehouse 22
Lambkin & Co. Tobacco manufacturers 9
Lee Library, The – R. Williamson and Co., proprietors 61
Lennan , William Saddler, etc. 73
Lester, T. R. Druggist, etc. 107
London House (Atkins Bros. proprietors) General drapers, etc. 15

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