Cantilever – A long beam, which is fixed only at one end.

Cantilever Bridge – A bridge made of cantilevers or beams projecting from piers, as at a lock.

Lock – A confined section of a canal or river where the water level can be changed by the use of gates and sluices.

Omnibus – Old fashioned term for bus from omni "carrying all"

Post-chaise – A small open topped two wheel carriage which accommodated one or two people.

Skew Bridge – A bridge which is oblique, twisted or distorted.

Sluice – A sliding gate for controlling the volume or flow of water in a lock.

Toll – A charge paid for permission to pass on a toll-road. Those who used the road would therefore be contributing to its upkeep.

Toll-road – A road which is maintained by the tolls or charges collected on it at the toll-gates.

Turnpike Road – a road on which tolls were collected at the toll-gates.

Viaduct – A bridge of many arches carrying a road or railway at a height above a river or roadway.

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