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Byrne, Joseph - Byrne's Dictionary of Irish Local History from earliest times to c1900 [2004]
Doyle, Oliver and Hirsch, Stephen – Railways in Ireland 1834-1984 [1983]
Murray, K.A. and McNeill, D.B. – The Great Southern and Western Railway [1976]
Le Fanu, W.R. – Seventy Years of Irish Life being anecdotes and reminiscences [1893]

Journal Articles


Burns, Alec – The Bagenalstown and Wexford Railway (in) Carloviana, Vol.1, No.18 [1969]
Burns, Alec – William Dargan (in) Carloviana, Vol.1, No.6 [1957]
Sheehy, Jeanne – Sir John MacNeill and the Railway to Carlow (in) Carloviana, Vol.2, No.21 [1972]
O'Dea, J.P. – Bagenalstown to Palace East (in) Carloviana, Vol.2 No.22 [1973]
Westman, James – The Carlow Railway (in) Carloviana, Vol.2, No.26 [1977/1978]
Nevin, Edmund – William Dargan (in) Carloviana, No.44 [1996]

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O'Sullivan, T.F. – Goodly Barrow, A voyage on an Irish River [1983]
Chapman, William – Report on the means of perfecting the Navigation of the River Barrow from St. Mullins to Athy [1789]
Inland Waterways Association of Ireland – Guide to the Barrow with Navigation notes for the Nore, Suir and Estuary [1990]
Garner, William – Carlow Architectural Heritage [1980]
Heritage Boat Association – Floating Heritage on the Barrow [2005]
Dϊchas – An Introduction to the Architectural Heritage of County Carlow[2002]

Find out more – Roads and Toll Roads


Broderick, David  The First Toll-Roads, Irelands Turnpike Roads 1729-1858 [2002]
Taylor, George and Skinner, Andrew  Maps of the Roads of Ireland [facsimile edition, 1969]

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