There were three major accidents on the line; the most serious one occurring on Whit Monday, May 22, 1893, when 3 people were killed and several injured on a train carrying both passengers and pigs from Dingle. Descending the steep gradient from Gleann na nGealt to Camp the train went out of control, careered down the hill and crashed over the bridge at Curraduff. The engine tumbled 40ft down the slope into the River Finglas.

The three crew members in the engine were killed. They were Alfred Redshaw, the driver, Richard Dillon, the fireman, and Barney O'Loughlin, an inspector.The accident cost the company £5000 in compensation for injury and loss of livestock.

On the 24th November 1898, the 7.35a.m. train from Dingle was blown off the rails by the wind at Baunogue. Three passengers were inured and one man died later of his injuries.

On 1st March 1907, the third major accident occurred when a special goods train from Tralee to Dingle was derailed on the eastern end of the Lispole Viaduct. The engine overturned on its left side to be followed by the entire series of wagons. Fortunately nobody was injured.

Several other minor accidents occurred, with luckily no further loss of life.

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