The Tralee & Dingle railway line was for the most part a loss making operation and in an effort to keep it alive, it was taken over by the Great Southern Railway Company on January 1, 1925. It carried both passenger and freight traffic for a further 14 years. However, ominously on April 17 1939, the Castlegregory branch line was closed altogether while the Dingle line continued for freight only. There was one goods train daily between Tralee and Dingle. This situation prevailed for a number of years until fuel restrictions during World War 2 caused a further curtailment. From 1947 onwards there was one train per month - on the day of the Dingle Cattle fair, which was held on the last Saturday of the month.

The Tralee and Dingle Light Railway ceased to run after a 62 year life span in 1953 It retained a huge place in the folklore of the people and is a constant charm for railway enthusiasts.

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