Timbertoes - Plaque and Greek urn
© Jack O'Neill

The Timber Bridge was known locally as 'Timbertoes'. Two tablets on the centre piers of the bridges recorded the construction of the bridge; "On April 13th 1793 the foundations of the bridge were laid. The money was raised through loans and parliamentary grants. The Bridge opened on the 18th January 1794 for the passage of carriages".

The Timber Bridge was 832 feet long (it was later reduced to 734 feet by quay extensions), 40 feet wide and consisted of stone supports and 40 sets of piers of oak.

The depth of water at lowest ebb was 37 feet. The width of the carriage was 26 feet and the two foot paths were 7 feet wide. It cost £14, 000.

The original Timber Bridge stopped ships sailing up river beyond the bridge. By 1800 a draw bridge was constructed with an opening span of 20 feet. By 1854 this was found to be inadequate and the opening was enlarged to 40 feet – which allowed paddle steamers to pass.


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