Rathcoole House

Rathcoole House is a five-bay two-storey house. The kitchen and milling room were in the basement; a large hall, dining room and drawing room on the ground floor, and five bedrooms on the first floor. The original house at this site was built c.1750, by the Clinch family who owned extensive property at Hazlehatch and had business interests in Dublin City. The Clinch family's period of occupation ended in 1798 when 18-year-old John Clinch was executed, after being charged with membership of the rebel army. Shortly afterwards, the remaining members of the Clinch family moved to their Dublin house and the house and land at Rathcoole was let to Patrick Sheil of Coolmine, who eventually bought the entire property in 1831. His family resided there until 1962. The older part of the house was demolished in 1933. The remaining building is now derelict.

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