Woodtown Park House

Described by the NIAH as a detached five-bay two-storey over basement country house, c. 1830, containing fabric of former farm house, c.1700. In the early nineteenth century, George Grierson, the King's Printer, turned his attention to farming and cattle breeding at Woodtown House, later known as Woodtown Park. The house was later owned by the Right Honourable Henry Joy, one time Chief Baron of the Irish Exchequer. Following his death the estate was put up for sale in the Landed Estates Courts in April 1861. In 1896 the Reverend Walter A. Hill started a preparatory school at Woodtown Park. In 1915 James MacNeill, brother of Eoin who was the Chief of Staff of the Irish Volunteers, acquired the house. It was at Woodtown Park on Good Friday 1916 that Eoin MacNeill learned of the rebellion planned for Easter Sunday.

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