Cornmarket Street

Cornmarket Street is better known to Corkonians as the Coal Quay. Like so many of the streets in the centre of Cork, it is built over a channel of the Lee, and was a quayside before the channel was arched-over to form the present-day street. The old quay had various names down through the years, such as, Timber Quay and Potato Quay. The Coal Quay proper is a short length of quayside between Kyrl's Quay and Lavitt's Quay. Cornmarket Street derives its name from the old Cornmarket on the street. Cornmarket Street has long been famous for its street traders, some of whom are shown in the photograph, and the street still supports a vibrant street market. Cork City Council is currently working on an action plan to develop Cornmarket Street and the area around it.

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