George Rochfort and Lady Lanesborough

George Augustus inherited Belvedere and the title from his father, thus becoming the 2nd Earl of Belvedere. He served as MP for Westmeath and as Sheriff for the County. In 1798 he left Ireland to live in England. Following the death of his first wife he re-married in 1803, however upon his death in 1814 the earldom and other titles became extinct as he had no issue by either marriage. His estate was divided between his widow Jane Countess of Belvedere's son by her second marriage George Augustus Boyd and the descendants of Jane Countess of Lanesborough, the sister of the 2nd Earl.

Jane Rochfort inherited Belvedere from her brother George in 1814 at the age of seventy-seven, but spent very little time there. When she died in 1828, Belvedere House passed to her grandson Brinsley, fourth Earl of Lanesborough. He rarely visited Belvedere, and it was subsequently inherited by his cousin Charles Brinsley Marlay in 1847.

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