The Gate Lodge

An unusual feature of the Dromana Estate is the Hindu-Gothic Gate Lodge.

The design of the bridge is a strange combination of Gothic and Oriental styles and is the only Irish example of the Brighton Pavilion style of architecture.

It was commissioned by Henry Villiers-Stuart in 1825 as part of the Georgian improvements to the Estate. The architect was Martin Day.

The Gate-Lodge comprises of a central pointed archway topped with an onion dome and two side chambers, each with four windows and a fireplace.

In its heyday both chambers would have been brightly lit.

It stands at the end of a bridge spanning the Finnisk river near Villierstown.

It is believed to have been inspired by John Nash's famous Pavilion for the Prince Regent and that a temporary version of the existing structure was erected in honour of newly-weds returned from honeymoon in Brighton.

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