Berkeley's Kilkenny

The Kilkenny that George Berkeley knew had in recent times been the scene of great upheaval. For a brief time in the 1640's Kilkenny had been the seat of the Confederation of Kilkenny and the de facto capital of Ireland. However the inability of the various factions opposed to the Parliamentarian side in the English Civil War had made its capture by Cromwell inevitable.

The Cromwellian settlement saw a new cast of landowners seizing control of the City.

The Restoration of King Charles II leads to hopes from those dispossessed of restitution but they were largely disappointed.

However the Butlers of Ormonde who had consistently championed the Loyalist cause had a brief return to power and influence under James, 2nd Duke of Ormonde.

The City again faced fresh upheaval following the overthrow of Charles II's brother James II by William of Orange. This lead once again to a change in land ownership and a further decline in power and influence of Kilkenny's old families.


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