Dysart Castle

The name Dysart originates in the Irish 'Diseart' meaning a secluded place. The area is associated with a St. Colman, although little is known of him. The area first comes to prominence around 1200 when it was granted by George FitzRobert to Kells Priory. The priory retained possession until its suppression in 1540. The Castle itself dates roughly from the 14th Century. We known this as a previous Diocesan valuation gave the site little value, a century latter is was valued at £5, a not inconsiderable sum for the time.


After 1541, the castle came into the possession of the Butlers of Ormonde. In 1703, it was leased by the Butlers to Joseph Robbins of Ballyduff. The Berkeley house was attached to the Castle tower itself on the south-west side. The building was built for defensive purposes rather than aesthetics. The remains of some large windows remain on the upper storey. The building at the moment is in a perilous state and is in urgent need of restorative work.

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