Works of George Berkeley

Arithimetica absque Algebra aut Euclide demonstata (1707)

Miscellanea Mathematica (1707)

Essay toward a New Theory of Vision (1709)

Treatise concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge (1710)

Passive Obedience: or the Christian doctrine of not resisting the Supreme power, proved and vindicated, upon the Principles of the Law of Nature (1712)

Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous (1717)

De motu (1721)

Essay towards preventing the ruin of Great Britain (1721)

A proposal for the better supplying of churches in our foreign plantations and for converting the savage Americans to Christianity by a college to be erected in the Summer Islands, otherwise called the Isles of Bermuda (1725)

Verses on the prospect of planting arts and learning in America

Alciphron or the Minute Philosopher (1732)

Theory of vision, or Visual Language vindicated and explained (1733)

The Analyst, or a Discourse addressed to an infidel mathematician

The Querist (1735-37)

Siris, a chain of philosophical reflections, and inquiries concerning the virtues of Tar-Water (1744)

Farther thoughts on Tar-Water (1752)

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