Principal Features of Luttrellstown Castle

The gushing stream which flows down the glen from the lake joins the Liffey beside one of the entrance gates to Luttrellstown.

The drive passes beneath the picturesque sham ruin, where there is a wishing seat, and climbs the glen, following the course of the stream.

At the top of the glen the parkland opens out to the left, and to the right the ornamental lake reflects a Doric temple, originally built as a cold bath in the eighteenth century.

At this point there stands an obelisk commemorating the visits of Queen Victoria in 1849 and 1900.

The castle is cloaked in an elaborate mantle of early nineteenth century Gothic, surmounted by an imposing array of turrets and battlements, but the architect is not known.

Brewer, writing in 1825 (The Beauties of Ireland) states: `The principal parts of the mansion were built 30 years back; but some portions of the ancient castellated pile are still remaining, among which is an apartment fancifully termed King John's chamber. Many augmentations, and improvements, of the buildings have been effected by the present proprietor.­'

(The Hon. Mrs Brinsley Plunket)

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