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The 1837 Ordnance Map of Monasterevin shows the growth of the town on the edge of Moore Abbey Demesne. While the main route through the town crosses the river east/west the main street runs north/west parallel to the river Barrow.

John O'Donovan includes a copy of the original Charter of the Abbey in his Ordnance Survey Letters of 1837 which describe the foundation of the Abbey at Ros Glas later to be known as Monasterevin, St. Evin's Monastery (Mainistir Eimihin/Evin's Monastery). The Charter dates to around 1178.

Charter of Foundation.

Dermot O'Demesy, King of Ofalia to all his nobles, Clergy and laity both present and to come, greeting: I make known to you all that I Dermot O'Demesy King of Ofalia, by the consent of Mure dach O'Conor have given and confirmed to God and the monks of the Blessed Virgin Mary of land on which to build a Monastery in honor of the Blessed Mary ever Virgin and of St. Benedict the Abbot as a perpetual elemosinary.

These are the lands which I Dermot O'Demesy, King of Ofalia have given and confirmed to the aforesaid Monks of Rosglas in remission of my sins and of the sins of my parents. The site of the Monastery of Rosglas and all the lands of Eiothil and Racheailiar with their appurtenances; Clonarkerhan Clonangay, Dere, Ardmidie and Kilmore with their appurtenances; Glassigelly descending to the Barue; Hadinsefot, as far as Hadhildred Hadelonan as far [as] the Barue; Hensereden with their appurtenances; Thacsartan and Archadachafernan with their appurtenances and with the men belonging to the same lands.

All these lands aforesaid I give and confirm to the aforesaid Monks to be held as a free, pure and perpetual elemosinary for the health of my soul and the souls of my predecessors and successors. Wherefore I will and firmly command that the aforesaid church of Ros-glas and Monks and their brethren serving God therein, may have and hold the aforesaid lands; and possess them well and in peace, freely and quietly entirely and fully, honourably and peaceably all the aforesaid lands with all their liberties and appurtenances, in woods and plains, in meadows pasturages and morasses; in waters and fisheries; in roads and paths; in pools (ponds) mills and Vivariis; in turbaries and all mountains and vallies, and in all other places and things appertaining to the same lands, free, quit and solutas from all customs and exactions and from secular duty.

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