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The following is the valuation for the Moore Abbey Estate in 1876 taken from the 'RETURN OF OWNERS OF LAND OF ONE ACRE AND UPWARDS, DUBLIN : S.O., 1876.'

The population for County Kildare recorded in that volume for the year 1871 was 83,614 with 14,166 inhabited houses.

Drogheda, Marquis of, Moore Abbey, Monasterevan, 16, 609 acres valued at £8,951, 10s.

When we compare this to the record in Griffith's Valuation (left) for 1852 which lists Moore Abbey Demesne at 1,267 acres, 5 perches then we can take it that the 1876 valuation relates to the whole estate in and around Monasterevin.

Kildare County Library Records

Material relating to the Drogheda estate in Monasterevin includes Griffith's Valuation, Tithe Applotment Books, Lewis's Topographical Dictionary, Trade Directories etc. On microfilm the Local Studies Dept. holds copies of the 1901 and 1911 Census and local newspapers such as the Leinster Leader (1881-present) and the Leinster Express (1831-1884).

One of the most important sources for County Kildare is the Journal of the Co. Kildare Archaeological Society (Vols. I - XIX(i), 1891 - 2001). And this contains material on the Drogheda family and Moore Abbey and Monasterevin.

In terms of Maps the Library has copies of the original 1837 OS Maps (and some later editions), Town Plans, Valuation Maps, as well as copies of, Petty 1685 (facsimile), Noble and Keenan 1752 and Alex. Taylor's 1783 Map of Co. Kildare etc. There is also a microfilm copy of some maps of Monasterevin 1840-1853(?) taken from the National Library.

An important primary source for the Estates are the Drogheda Rentals for 1875 and Jan. 1879-Jan. 1888.

The Kildare County Library website is at

National Library

As above there are Drogheda Estate maps of Monasterevin in the National Library Collection for the 1840's and early 1850's. Other surveys and maps of the Drogheda estate in Monasterevin in the National Library date from 1759-1773, 1807 and1833, with a map of the drainage of Moore Abbey Demesne from 1884. The Library also holds Papers relating to deeds to properties in Monasterevin of the Drogheda family for the period 1591-1894; details of outrages 1831-1835; the Tithe Composition Book of Monasterevin Parish, 1834 and Drogheda Rentals for their estates in Kildare, Leix and Meath for the period 1845-6.

The website of the National Library is at

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