The Mansion House has been the official residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin since 1715. It is the only mayoral residence in Ireland and is older than any mayoral residence in Britain - York built its Mansion House in 1735, followed by Doncaster and then by London, where the Mansion House was completed in 1752.

Today, the Mansion House is still the home of the Lord Mayor during his or her term of office, which lasts one year. Here, the Lord Mayor welcomes groups from all over the city and all over the world. Important civic events are still held in the Oak Room, such as the conferring of the Honorary Freedom of Dublin and civic receptions for visiting Heads of State.

Daniel O'Connell was the Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1841. Here is a portrait of Daniel O'Connell as a young man by the artist John Gubbins. If you look closely at the portrait, on the left-hand side you will see a silver cup, which was given to O'Connell by manufacturers from the Liberties of Dublin. O'Connell declared that he would use this cup for one purpose only: to drink a toast to the Repeal of the Union.

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