The Kind Little Woman

Some years ago, two neighbours living in the townland of Cappanaclough set out for a fair in Abbeyleix. They were of different religions, but were particularly good friends.

At the fair, they sold their stock, and they got intoxicated. Both of them were returning home late that night when they quarrelled. In the end one of them got out and said he would walk home. The other man continued on his journey. After a while the man who got down thought he could hear the sound of the horse?s hoofs quite near, and his comrade asked him to get up, but he refused. The man drove on, but again he returned and repeated his appeal. A third time he came and asked him in the name of God to get up. He did so, seeing that there was some mystery in it.

They drove on in silence, and the driver told his companion when passing Derrykearn cross-roads a little woman appeared, sitting beside him, who took the reins out of his hands, and turned the horse around on the road, and forced him to go back and bring his companion with him.

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