The Whip and the Lash

There was once a farmer who owned a farm in Cloosecullen, near Raheen. He was a fairly wealthy man, possessing a great many cattle. They were grazing in a large field on which a rath is situated.

One day the farmer went out to look after the cattle. He was very pleased with his stock, but remarked one young cow in particular as being a very nice one.

When walking across the field he found a very rare kind of plant growing near the rath. He cut it, and put a nice shape on it, saying to himself it would make a great whip handle.

At that moment a little man jumped out of the rath, and ran across the field. He took out a knife, and cut the tail off the grand cow. He came over and gave it to the man, remarking that it would make a good lash for the handle.

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