Eddie Doherty's Tweed

This beautiful and descriptive poem was written by the pupils of Meenagowan N S, Leitirmacaward, Co Donegal, as part of the "Pushkin Experience." It was recently performed by them at the Waterfront, Belfast. Just like Eddie Doherty's tweed, it is a wonderful piece of work, and much credit must go to the pupils and staff; since its publication in the "Donegal Democrat" it has attracted a huge amount of praise and comment. The complete poem can be found on the Ardara website www.ardara.ie/

It smells like a dusty room

of red roses and honey

and crackles like a bowl

of breakfast rice krispies

or even dulse on Eelburn

It tastes like a dish of dry porridge

and a feed of hairy bacon.

I am the good suit on Sundays

I am the cap taken off in the porch

I am the shawl around the shoulders

in a strong wind

I am a flowing cape

in the foyer of An Grianan

I am the plug of tobacco

in Uncle Cecil's waistcoat

I am the throw

on Granny's favourite chair

I am Eddie Doherty's tweed.

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