Ballymore Eustace

Captain Beevor and soldiers of the 9th Dragoons, the Tyrone, Antrim and the Armagh Militias arrived at Ballymore on the 10th May at free-quarters. In days following many arms were surrendered and letters of protection issued. On the 23rd May, Beevor sent 120 soldiers away, leaving a garrison of around 40-50 men.

At around 1 o'clock in the morning, Thursday the 24th May, the United Irish forces attacked the town. The rebel signal for an attack was a shot to be fired from the churchyard. All 8 houses, containing troops of the 9th Dragoons and the Tyrone Militia, were to be attacked simultaneously. Captain Beevor was attacked in his own bedchamber by two rebels. Lieutenant Parkinson and some dragoons came to his aid and both rebels were slain. 28 dragoons rallied in Beevor's house which was attacked for nearly two hours, before the rebels were repulsed and many killed. Some of the other soldiers quarters were attacked and some set on fire; 7 dragoons were killed and 3 wounded; 4 of the Tyrone Militia were killed and 2 wounded. Beevor and 12 dragoons charged the rebels and routed them. Lt. McFarland of the Tyrone Militia was killed. The rebels lost 3 captains and around 100 men.

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