Twentieth Century Developments

Some of the major developments of the twentieth century were:

1904                Boycott of Jewish traders and moneylenders at the instigation of a
                         Redemptorist priest, Fr John Creagh: often inaccurately termed a

1919                Limerick Soviet: a general strike lasting 12 days organised by the Limerick
                         Trades and Labour Council as a protest against the designation of
                         Limerick as a Special Military Area whose significance has been
                         ridiculously exaggerated.

1921                Killing of Mayor of Limerick, Seoirse Clancy and former Mayor, Michael
                         O’Callaghan, often termed ‘the murdered mayors’

1926                Dromcollogher Cinema Fire – death of 48 people

1932-40           Slum clearance and major social housing built in the city.

1948                City Art Gallery opened

1950                Boundary extension doubles area under Corporation jurisdiction

1963                Visit of President John F. Kennedy – given Freedom of the City

1969                Establishment of NIHE [University of Limerick 1989]

1979                Visit of Pope John Paul II – given freedom of the City

1990s               Significant urban renewal in the city

1997                Opening of Hunt Museum in former Custom House

1997                Celebration of 800th Anniversary of Corporation

2014                City Council and County Council merged

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