One of the Priests

In the Fifties of the last century the modern system of parochial missions and retreats was introduced into the country by some of the new preaching Congregations.

Father Burke, one of the greatest orators of modern times, was a member of the first band of missionaries sent out.

The author concludes : -
There are now fourteen houses of Dominicans in Ireland. Attached to them are churches in which in almost every instance the Order may well take a pride, for the structures which have replaced the older buildings are architecturally beautiful and richly furnished with all the requisities of Catholic worship.

The Province has thus been well reconstructed internally as well as externally. Let us here express the hope that this reconstruction will be the prelude of some further centuries of normal life. As the seed has been sown in tears, let us pray that the harvest may be reaped in joy. It may be that the structure so carefully reared may be destroyed again, for we are living in an era of great cataclysms in human affairs, an era of swift revolution. So we must place all our trust in God Who draws good out of evil. The records of Ireland's sufferings for the Faith certainly show a wonderful intervention of God's Providence.

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