The Regal

In 1937 a local business man Martin Breen, bought and demolished Matterson's Cellar, a redundant Waterford Bacon Factory situated in the Glen. A new cinema was built on the site. The cinema was called 'The Regal Cinema Deluxe.' This was the state of the art cinema of its time.

The opening of The Regal Cinema was announced in The Munster Express 5th Feb. 1937, under the headline 'Waterford's Super Cinema. A Magnificent and Luxurious Building.' The article continued 'The majestic exterior is a fitting prelude to the luxuriously equipped interior which presents itself upon entering. Ascending the range of beautifully finished marble steps one is immediately impressed by the grandeur of the foyer or vestibule.'

The Regal had a seating capacity of 1,400. Air conditioning ensured the correct temperature in all weather and extractor fans were installed to keep the building free from smoke. A new feature of this cinema was the availability of advance booking. Prices for the night showing were: Back stalls 1s/4d, front stalls 1s and balcony 4d. The feature film on the opening night was 'The King Steps Out' starring Grace Moore and Franchot Ton.

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