Dancers in the Arundel Ballroom
Courtesy of Waterford Museum of Treasures

During the 1920s and 1930s in Waterford house dances were one of the most popular forms of entertainment. House dances, as the name suggests were held in private houses. Later halls and clubs began appearing around the city and county.

1930 there were three dance halls located in Thomas Street. The Regal Dance Hall (which later became the Crystal), The Erins Own Hall and the De La Rue on the corner of Thomas Street and The Glen Other clubs of the time were The Railway Men's Union Hall on O'Connell Street, The Silver Slipper in John's Lane, The Tradeshall in William Street and Ricardo's Ballroom in Michael Street.

The bigger dances were held in 'The Large Room' of the Town Hall. The two biggest and most well known ballrooms in WaterfordCity were The Olympia and The Arundel.

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